Creamy beef and pea protein purée

Helps to improve and gain muscle mass, and repair any damage after exercise
Ideal for Low Carb diets
0% Additives, no added sugars, gluten, or lactose
We recommend this product is consumed hot

HIGH PROTEIN creamy soup that is suitable to be taken after physical activity, especially when the objective is TO GAIN MUSCLE MASS AND/OR REPAIR ANY DAMAGES INCURRED DURING INTENSE EXERCISE.

This high protein purée is made from beef, pea protein and vegetables, all of organic origin, made from 33g of high quality proteins, low in fat (7.3g) and carbohydrates (.4.4 g), making it ideal for Low-Carb diets.

Beef meat is rich in protein and nutrients and contains all the amino acids essential for muscle recovery. Our recipe is made with lean parts of beef to obtain a low fat content that is very rich in iron, ideal for people with anaemia. The vegetables used provide vitamins, minerals and fibre to obtain a complete and balanced diet. Rich in B complex vitamins (including B12, necessary for the production of red blood cells), vitamin K, C, potassium and very high in Zinc, a mineral that is necessary for the proper functioning of the immune system, wound healing and protein metabolism, bay leaf improves digestion and black pepper acts as a metabolism activator.

Recommendations and Characteristics

Recipe suitable for all audiences, but especially suitable to help attain sporting goals. Complete and balanced high protein soup to take as a food substitute or to accompany your diet. Its mashed texture aids better digestion and easier assimilation of nutrients.

Thanks to the production of our recipes with cutting-edge technology, the product can be stored in at room temperature for more than a year from its date of manufacture, without the need for refrigeration or loss of nutritional properties. 100% natural based on organically produced ingredients.

Nutritional Information

* percentage extracted from the quantity of nutrients consumed in 100 g, excluding any water content.

Energy value (KJ/ Kcal) per 100 g.
416,59KJ/ 99,81 kcal
per serving 200 g.
916,49 KJ/ 219,58 Kcal
of which, saturated:
3,33 g.
0,75 g.
7,36 g.
1,65 g.
of which, sugars:
2,02 g.
0,29 g.
4,44 g.
0,63 g.
Dietary fibre: 0,38 g. 0,83 g.
Proteins: 15,16 g. 33,35 g.
Salt: 0,14 g. 0,30 g.

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