Pos-training pea and beet protein drink

Aids faster recovery after exercise.
0% Additives, no added sugars, gluten, or lactose
We recommend this product is consumed cold.

Drink designed by Felipe del Valle, a sports nutritionist for elite athletes. With a higher proportion of carbohydrates (30 g) than proteins (14 g) thanks to its composition based on rice drink, fruits, pea protein and beet, we get the necessary proportion of rapidly absorbed carbohydrates and vegetable proteins that speed up the muscle recovery and growth process, which makes it ideal to drink after sports training sessions .

Beet is rich in nitrates, which favours the production of energy, in addition to its high recovery, antiox and satiating power. Pea protein contains a profile of branched amino acids richer than the vast majority of proteins of plant origin, including leucine, isoleucine and valine, three essential amino acids needed in numerous functions of the body. This, together with its easy digestion, confers it as one of the most complete and recommended vegetable proteins in sports nutrition.

On the other hand, the rice drink contains very good quality sugars and antioxidants such as magnesium or selenium, which strengthen the immune system, in addition to being one of the most digestive vegetable drinks.

Finally, the composition based on fruits such as strawberry, kiwi and mango provide us with fibre, vitamins A, C and E, Omega-3-6, and minerals such as potassium, phosphorus, iron and magnesium, as well as antioxidant properties that help combat the free radicals generated during exercise.

Recommendations and Characteristics

Recipe especially designed for athletes and sports people of all kinds, recommended to help you attain sporting goals. Its crushed smoothie type texture helps a better digestion and easier assimilation of nutrients.

Thanks to the production of our recipes with cutting-edge technology, the product can be stored at room temperature for more than a year from its date of manufacture and packaged, without the need for refrigeration or losing the nutritional properties of its ingredients. 100% natural based on organically produced ingredients.

Nutritional Information

* percentage extracted from the quantity of nutrients consumed in 100 g, excluding any water content.

Energy value (KJ/ Kcal) por 100 g.
333,41KJ/ 79,69 kcal
ración 200 g.
833,52 KJ/ 199,22 Kcal
of which, saturated:
1,14 g.
0 g.
2,85 g.
0 g.
of which, sugars:
12,33 g.
9,37 g.
30,82 g.
23,42 g.
Dietary fibre: 2,04 g. 5,1 g.
Proteins: 5,61 g. 14,02 g.
Salt: 0,04 g. 0,1 g.

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