Vegetables, fruit and spirulina purée.

Designed for low calorie diets and weight control.
Ideal for Low Fat diets
0% Additives, no added sugars, gluten, or lactose
We recommend this product is consumed cold.

Recipe designed by Felipe del Valle, a sports nutritionist for elite athletes. LOW CALORIE creamy soup suitable to be eaten at any time of day, or before or after physical training.

Its composition is based on fruits, vegetables and proteins of vegetable origin thanks to the contribution of spirulina; this makes it a recipe that is recommended for AEROBIC TRAINING AND WEIGHT CONTROL DIETS, with a contribution of 28 g carbohydrates based on very low-calorie ingredients, 5.2 g of fibre and only 0.4 g of fat per product consumed. Ideal for Low-Fat diets.

Spirulina, a microscopic algae, is considered a “superfood” thanks to its contribution in vegetable protein of high biological value (around 60% in the dehydrated form), fibre, healthy polyunsaturated fats, vitamins of the B group, beta carotene and iron; it is therefore a food with great nutritional properties. It also improves our intestinal and immune system, has detox properties thanks to its high content in chlorophyll and iodine, beneficial for people with hypothyroidism. Spinach is rich in potassium, magnesium, vitamins A, K, folic acid, with antioxidant properties and immune system enhancers. Apple and celery are very low-calorie but satiating, fibre-rich foods. Recipe with a large amount of fibre, vitamins and minerals, in addition to purifying, detox and antioxidants properties, thus helping to keep our body in good condition.

Recommendations and Characteristics

Recipe suitable for all audiences, but especially suitable to help attain sporting goals, people who want to maintain weight control and/or have a complete and balanced vegan or vegetarian diet. . Complete and balanced high protein soup to take as a food substitute or to accompany your diet. Its mashed texture aids better digestion and easier assimilation of nutrients.

Thanks to the production of our recipes with cutting-edge technology, the product can be stored in at room temperature for more than a year from its date of manufacture, without the need for refrigeration or loss of nutritional properties. 100% natural based on organically produced ingredients.

Nutritional Information

* percentage extracted from the quantity of nutrients consumed in 100 g, excluding any water content.

Energy value (KJ/ Kcal) per 100 g.
211,87KJ/ 50 kcal
per serving 200 g.
466,11 KJ/ 110 Kcal
of which, saturated:
0,22 g.
0 g.
0,48 g.
0 g.
of which, sugars:
12,83 g.
9,57 g.
28,22 g.
21,05 g.
Dietary fibre: 2,39 g. 5,25 g.
Proteins: 0,73 g. 1,60 g.
Salt: 0,03 g. 0,066 g.

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