Vegetables, fruit and spirulina purée.

Suitable for aerobic sports and/or weight control diets. Its composition is based on low calorie and low-fat ingredients, whilst ensuring they are rich in bre, vitamins, minerals, vegetable protein and carbohydrates. All of which makes it an ideal product to eat daily and at any time of day.

A satisfying purée, which has a pleasant, fresh taste and a slightly denser texture than other Lo-Cal products in the range.

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Low-calorie beet, ginger and matcha tea drink

The FYSI beet, ginger and matcha tea drink is specially designed for low-calorie diets and weight control. It maintains a sweet taste and soft, fresh texture, ideal for drinking daily, at any time of day.

Thanks to the properties of its ingredients, it contains a high level of rapidly absorbed carbohydrates, fibre, vitamins and minerals, rich in flavonoids and has antioxidant properties.

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