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Chicken and brown rice purée

High protein purée made from chicken, brown rice and a medley of vegetables. Prepared with low-fat ingredients but with a good concentration of high-value proteins, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Especially suitable for strength training, gaining muscle mass or repairing damage caused during exercise. The product has a great flavour and a very pleasant texture.

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Creamy beef and pea protein purée

The FYSI high protein recipe which is based on beef, pea protein and vegetables, is especially beneficial to those wishing to gain muscle mass and/or repair damage caused during intense physical exercise. The recipe contains a great combination of protein and iron, whilst being low in fat and carbohydrates.

With a lovely smooth texture and delicious flavour, it is suitable to have daily as part of a healthy diet.

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Vegan textured soya and tomato purée

Recipe especially suitable for high protein, vegan diets. Its formulation is based on a high-value vegetable protein that deliver a high level of AA, vitamins, minerals, and is low in fat. Especially suitable for gaining muscle mass or repairing damage caused during exercise.

It has an intense and enjoyable flavour, a great texture and is very satisfying. Ideal as a food substitute or to accompany your healthy diet.

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Tuna, chickpea and wakame purée

The high protein FYSI purée is a recipe based on tuna, chickpeas, wakame seaweed and medley of vegetables. It contains a top formula for training based around strength and endurance, as it promotes muscle performance. Composed of animal and vegetable proteins, essential AA, minerals and vitamins, it is the perfect ally for your daily workout.

One of our most delicious products, with it’s unique flavour and pleasant texture it is ideal to have any day, especially after physical exercise.

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Vegetables, fruit and spirulina purée.

Suitable for aerobic sports and/or weight control diets. Its composition is based on low calorie and low-fat ingredients, whilst ensuring they are rich in bre, vitamins, minerals, vegetable protein and carbohydrates. All of which makes it an ideal product to eat daily and at any time of day.

A satisfying purée, which has a pleasant, fresh taste and a slightly denser texture than other Lo-Cal products in the range.

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Low-calorie beet, ginger and matcha tea drink

The FYSI beet, ginger and matcha tea drink is specially designed for low-calorie diets and weight control. It maintains a sweet taste and soft, fresh texture, ideal for drinking daily, at any time of day.

Thanks to the properties of its ingredients, it contains a high level of rapidly absorbed carbohydrates, fibre, vitamins and minerals, rich in flavonoids and has antioxidant properties.

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Pre-workout fruit and rice drink.

The FYSI pre-workout drink is specially formulated to give you extra energy before or during your workout. With a light texture and fruity taste, this smoothie offers a good level of rapidly absorbed vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates, all of which are necessary to help you perform to your best levels during physical exercise.

Ideal for any type of physical training, especially aerobic.

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Pos-training pea and beet protein drink

Our recovery drink is specially designed to aid your recovery after exercise. This is a drink based on rice drink, fruits, pea protein and beet, and it offers an intense flavour and a slightly denser texture thanks to its complete formulation. It is very rich in rapidly absorbed carbohydrates, vegetable proteins and branched-chain AA, which speed up the recovery process and help muscle growth after training.

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