Welcome to FYSI

The human being has been aware, for a long time, that sports and adequate nutrition cause great benefits in physical and mental performance. Fortunately, there is a large percentage of society that works these two pillars daily to make them the basis of their lifestyle.

How FYSI was born

However, the accelerated pace in which we live often prevents us from spending the time we would like. The obligations of our day to day, stress and immediacy, have caused us to leave behind good habits, such as the diet that our elders taught us, to instead choose pre-cooked, processed and ready-to-eat products, but the vast majority, with large doses of sugars, fats and preservatives that in the long run will cause harmful damage to our health.

In order to cover this need, immediately but without neglecting awareness of what we eat, Fysi was born, a diet adapted to home, work, the beach and travel. A range of products, ready to eat at the moment but without losing the essence of a 100% natural and organic food.


FYSI products

FYSI has four ranges of functional products (pre-training drinks, post-training drinks, low calories food, high protein meals) based on organic foods of high biological value that, in a fast but also easy and healthy way, help to achieve sports goals. It is a new range of 100% natural and certified organic creams and drinks, designed for athletes, sportsmen and all those people with an active lifestyle, who take maximum care of their diet.

Its complete formulation based on proteins, hydrates, fiber, vitamins and minerals, qualifies it as a complete and balanced range of sports products, with all the nutritional contributions that any athlete needs to gain muscle mass, improve sports performance, help the body to a better recovery after exercise or simply taking care of your line with a healthy diet.

From FYSI, we welcome you to our natural world and we hope to see you here very often!

If you are interested in becoming a national or international distributor of natural foods, and / or wish to receive more information, please contact us without any obligation.